‘Solitude Country’

…in production

Against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Scottish wilderness,
a solitary young woman’s fragile existence is threatened by the arrival of three strangers.


‘The Rizen’

…released worldwide February 2018

In 1955 the military unlocked a door that should have never been found.
Now only one woman can close it and save mankind.


‘The Gatehouse’

…released December 2017

Eternity (aged 10) lives in a haunted gatehouse at the edge of an ancient forest.
She likes to dig for buried treasure in the woods, but one day she digs up something she shouldn’t.


‘The Rizen: Possession’

…in post-production, released 2019

A group of young urban explorers and a private military unit could become the final pieces
in a 60-year plan to reopen a door that should have stayed closed forever.


ItNeverSleeps-tall1-200x300 2

‘It Never Sleeps’

…released 2018

Haunted by waking nightmares, Joan must face her own fears as she is stalked by a murderous sociopath,
and terrorized by The Beast, a relentless and horrifying spirit of vengeance which never sleeps.


‘Gangsters, Guns & Zombies’

…released 2013

‘Gangsters, Guns and Zombies’ – an instant cult classic that does exactly what it says on the tin!