‘kHz’ – Feature Film

  • optioned
  • sci-fi/horror

Karyn Meadows has a form of synaesthesia that allows her to feel sound. People with this rare perceptual condition are an anomaly, but Karyn is very different. She is an anomaly even among anomalies. It is this extra sensory power, and her experience of caving, that have led her to be stuck half a mile under the earth, trying to worm her way through one of Brotterling Caves rib crushing tunnels – and now to hyperventilate, stuck behind a dead body that plugs her only escape. Brotterling Caves are about to become ground zero for the mad invocations to an obscene deity, something ancient and hate-filled, something hell bent on soaking the earth in humanities blood, out of which will bloom stone flowers brimming with nectar and death. That and the woman she loves is down here somewhere.